Vintage Indonesian Primisima Batik Sarong
Each of these rare sarongs is used and has an amazing patina, a super soft buttery feel. It is a very fine quality 100% cotton called Primisima, which is the highest quality cotton used in batik production. Because it is of hand drawn/stamped design, there may be stray spots of dye in a few places. There is also some normal wear to the fabric. The hand painted/stamped wax resist dye process is less common and is a prized art form. Batik is made by drawing/stamping a design with hot wax on a cloth and then submerging the cloth into dye. Wax is then left on and added to, or removed and a new design may be drawn before submerging the cloth again. This process is repeated numerous times until the desired colors, hues and designs are achieved.
This is a batik cap (copper stamp) with some added batik tulis (hand written), in which case it would be batik kombinasi.
Circa: 1940-1960.
Size: 2m Length x 1m Width