These bags are not just tourist ware… they were literally bought from around the necks of the women at the village markets in the mountains bordering Burma in Northern Thailand. They were their personal use bags.
The Hmong (pronounced mung) are an ancient tribe of mountain people who migrated from China in the mid-nineteenth century in search of freedom and a land of their own. Indeed, the word Hmong means “free.” The freedom they cherish is an all-encompassing liberty that means far more than their independence from a political government or a system of economics. It is a freedom of the spirit, a freedom to be their own people, and it is the very essence of their being.
• handmade in Northern Thailand by the Hill Tribes from Embroidered Hmong Fabric
• lined inside with black fabric with an inside zip pocket
• individually hand made so slight differences may occur in design
• zipper closure and inside zip pocket