NEW Hand Batik Art Silk From Pithecanthropus – Bali
This is a one-off art piece in fine silk. 83″ x 44 ” (210cm x 110cm)
Pithecanthropus is an emblematic of a cultural town like Ubud, as its main aim is to rediscover hidden Indonesian culture for consumers. In a country that often aspires towards Western style fashions, this is about bringing the local back to the forefront of markets.
Founded in 1990 the shop specializes in hand-woven garments which have been naturally dyed and made in the most environmentally friendly of methods.
They sell a range of products including clothing, handicrafts, ornaments and puppets, but predominantly the focus is on clothes. This includes the Batik, Ikat and Songket classics, with a modern twist that appeals to the young buyer. When this began it mainly attracted other Asian fan bases, but it has since expanded to include Europeans, Americans and Australians. This is important as it revitalizes an important part of Indonesian culture that was previously threatened by these exact markets.